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7 years ago

Installing and Loading Script Extensions

Hello,   I have created Script Extension for HTML reports and I am able to install and load the Script Extension using below options mentioned in the Smartbear help. https://support.smartbear.c...
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    7 years ago

    1) TCX extension files are checked into source control so that they are in a standardized drive/folder hierarchy that will be common on all workstations

    2) Every machine configured to run tests, in either TestComplete or TestExecute, point Tools | Options | Engines | Script Extensions to that directory.

    3) When a new "pull" of latest source is done, the TCX is refreshed in the directory with the latest version


    This ensures distribution of the latest version of the script extension to all machines.  Note that step 3 needs to be done with the TestComplete/TestExecute application NOT running.  So, what we have is, for our over night runs, a batch file that pulls the latest source code done on a nightly basis a few minutes before the scheduled test run executes.