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15 years ago

Infragistics UltraGrid Locks Up TestComplete

When I found that TestComplete now supports Infragistics 9.1 I was quite happy because we religiously use Infragistics controls in almost all of our apps.

I have run into somewhat of a snafu. I am trying to find out if a grid has any rows in it before I try to access the control but when I call the grid using (ultragird.rows.count) it locks up TestComplete in the Playback mode and I have to terminate the process in order to do anything. All other windows operations seem to be running correctly but TestComplete locks up.

I have seen this off and on over the past day of working with ultragrids. The other time that I have seen it is if I am accessing a grid that is on another tab, In my case I was deleting a row, granted I put a function in place to make sure that I am on the correct tab before trying to access any control that not on my active tab.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Hi Matthew,

    Please follow the instructions below to help us collect more information about the problem:

    1. Download the Debugging Tools for Windows package from: (for 32-bit processes) (for 64-bit processes)

    and install it.

    2. When TestComplete and (or) the tested application hang(s), run two instances of WinDbg ("C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows\windbg.exe").

    3. Attach the first WinDbg instance to TestComplete's process and attach the second instance to the tested application's process (File | Attach to a Process).

    4. Type the following command in the Command window of the first instance of WinDbg :

    .dump /m "C:\TCDump.dmp"

    and press Enter.

    5. Type the following command in the Command window of the second instance of WinDbg:

    .dump /m "C:\AppDump.dmp"

    and press Enter.

    6. Click Go on the WinDbg toolbar (or press F5) in both WinDbg instances. Wait for one minute and click Break (or press "Ctrl + Break") in both instances of WinDbg.

    7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to save another set of dump files with different file names.

    8. Without a delay, repeat steps 6 and 7 two more times.

    9. Send us all of the dump files created in the steps above.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Even I have the same issue. The UI freezes for 2 to 3 minutes and then the object is recognized.

  • Hi Matthew and Raj,

    We tried reproducing the slowdown, but failed. We used TestComplete 7.52 and the Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.UltraGrid control located in the "<Infragistics>\NetAdvantage for .NET 2009.1\Windows Forms\Samples\WinGrid\Tutorial1\Bind To DataSet\bin\Data_Set.exe" sample application. Can you reproduce the problem with this application? If you can, please let us know your system's configuration (the OS, CPU, RAM). If you cannot, it means that the slowdown is caused by the application you test (for example, the application can be busy, or there can be too many controls in the tested application - and therefore, it takes long to build the objects tree).

    If the slowdown can be reproduced only with a specific application and you want us to find out whether this behavior is correct, you will need to provide us with the application.

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    I'll try to get a test app / logs that was wanted soon. My only thoughts are that it could possibly have something to do with CSLA but the grid that I am checking doesn't have any children in it's binding source so I am not sure what is going on.
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    I user Test Complete 6.50.387.5, could that be the reason ? Do you have any patches for this issue ?