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2 years ago

i wanna control the 'fail' test.


When I fail the automatino test. Testcomplete create the 'X fail Log' . 

What I wanna do is. I wanna  play the alternative test case before Testcomplete create the 'fail log'. 

How can i do this process? 

please teach and share your idea  🙂 


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    Maybe you could look into "Events" > "GeneralEvents" in TestComplete.

    There is a "OnStopTest" or "OnStopTestCase".


    These Events will start when a Test/TestCase is Stopped or done executing.

    Maybe you could check in this Event if you would like to run an alternative test, and if so, you can start this test from this Event?



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    Did You get any Solution??

    test failures & their impact. Tests are meant to detect application issues & should fail only when the functionality doesn’t work as expected. OneCognizant Cognizant