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7 years ago

I am getting error "Unable to navigate to the "https:sitename" page." for Firefox and Edge.

I am getting  error "Unable to navigate to the "" Page." for Firefox and Edge.

I am using Test complete 12.

For IE and Chrome i am not getting this error.I am using following code


sub OpenBrowser
Project.Variables.Openbrowsername = "edge"
Project.Variables.URLName= ""
Call Browsers.Item(Project.Variables.Openbrowsername).Run
Set Page = Sys.Browser.ToUrl(Project.Variables.URLName)
End sub

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    Each browser requires different preparation steps in order to run tests against it.  For Edge, I reproduced your problem if I had the option to enable testing of Windows store applications Unchecked. See


    As for FireFox, what version of TestComplete 12 are you running and what version of FireFox are you running?  For example, in my environment, I'm running TestComplete 12.20 and FireFox 53 (actually, technically, FF 53.0.2)... and I get your error.  The reason being is that TestComplete 12.20 out of the box and the auto-update only supports up through FireFox 52.  In order to be able to use later versions of FireFox, you need to upgrade to TestComplete 12.30 and make sure you check for recent updates to get the latest patches.


    FYI, I tried applying the FireFox 53 patch to my TC 12.20 environment and I get the same error.  It's possible that even an upgrade to TC 12.30 might still not work since the FireFox version is now up to 53.0.2

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      Thanks for instant reply.


      Yes you are correct. I have Firefox version 53.


      Do you mean I cannot run my scripts on firefox? Is there any way to run scripts on firefox?


      I Checked the setting for edge the "testing of Windows store applications  " option in test complete  is checked.

      Still I am getting the same error.

      Edge version is  Microsoft Edge 40.15063.0.0

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        Changing that setting for Store applications... again, verify, is checked AND you have restarted TestComplete after you did so.  Again, I was getting that error before the setting change, now I'm not.


        As for FireFox... in order to use FF 53, you need TC 12.30.  This is a free upgrade for maintenance users of TC so you should be able to just apply it (go to Help | Check for Updates).


        There have also been some changes for Edge in later versions of TC as well based upon the Windows 10 Anniversary update.  So, again, upgrading to the latest version of TC would be the next step to try.