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4 years ago

How to use Test Engine REST API in third party tool?

Hi all,   I'm trying to create a tool by myself and simulate some user action (Click, ClickR, ClickItem, SetText, etc..) on an application by calling the API. Based on the documentation, it stated ...
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    4 years ago



    What is your final goal?


    The help article that you referenced and quoted relates to Test Engine REST API. And the corresponding article ( says that Test Engine REST API is mostly used by Test Left. But when Test Left is installed, special edition of TestExecute (which is runtime engine for TestComplete) is installed as well and it is TestExecute that does the actual job.

    The above means that you will not be able to create your custom program that can drive your tested application via Test Engine REST API, but TestExecute (or TestComplete) will be required nevertheless.

    All this makes me to repeat my initial question and wonder what functionality you are missing in TestComplete that forces you to create your custom test driver application (that still requires TestComplete/TestExecute to be installed on the test box)?