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9 years ago

How to stop Chrome processes from running after closing the window

A few customers have run into an issue where Google Chrome continues to run in the background even though all the Chrome windows are closed.  This can cause errors in during playback because TestComplete sees a Chrome process running but can't find a Chrome window to act on.


If you ever find this happening, there is a checkbox option in Chrome labeled "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed" that will prevent those background processes from continuing. 


  1. Open up Chrome
  2. Navigate to chrome://settings/
  3. Click on "Show advanced settings..."
  4. Uncheck "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed"



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    Another possible option (that exists at least for Chrome 45) is to right-click Chrome icon in the system tray and uncheck the 'Run in background' option.

    Though the initial piece of advice is definitely more universal.

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      Hi there,

      A less polite option to kill the browser process.


      note that Project.Variables.TestConfiguration_Browser = can be chrome, firefox, iexplore, etc


      'LAGE''Close Specified Browser
      Sub CloseSpecifiedBrowser
          'Close all open specified Browser Windows
          While Sys.WaitProcess(Project.Variables.TestConfiguration_Browser,2000).Exists
      End Sub

      Call the function and forget abot configurations in all of the environments. Get a beer. Hope it helps