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5 years ago

TC14.2 \ Chrome 77 close browser \ process issue



I have a web-based framework that I had for a good while been executing my test scripts against Chrome 76 using TC14.1 into TC14.2.  Then Chrome updated to 77.


The issue that I get conssistently now is when my script at the end will logout of my web app, and then closes the Chrome browser.


i.e. code example:




// Logout
Log.Message(" ");
Delay(30000);   --- 3000 used to work for me, then I went to 6000 , still see issue at 30 sec wait

// Close Chrome browser



Warning from TC14.2


Process "chrome" stayed in the system after the close command was used.

Chrome is working in the background and cannot be closed.


I have in Chrome 77  @ chrome://settings/system

Turned Off:    Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed


I have to logout and close browser like a user as to clear out tokenid that the web app 

tracks some on the next script when Chrome is started to login, the web app is still not

considered that user still logged in.


Need some help here :smileysad:







  • We've solved a similar problem with IE where sometimes the application stays memory resident.  So, when we close the browser in script, we then use the following code to make sure that it's no longer memory resident.  You might be able to adapt something similar for Chrome.

    function closeIEInstance() {
        var counter = 0;
        var browser;
        browser = Sys.WaitBrowser('iexplore', 1000);
        while((browser.Exists) && (counter < 60)){
            browser = Sys.WaitBrowser('iexplore', 1000);

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    Do you close all other instances of Chrome before you test?  Perhaps there's a lingering one from email use or something.  

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      All instanaces of Chrome are closed prior to the test scripts running.


      This all worked great in TC 14.1 and Chrome 76.

      Trying to narrow down what's changed.



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        Adding just another tidbit here:


        There is 1 or 2 test scripts here and there that will PASS.


        All the test scripts start up the same with chrome and logout, close Chrome the same way.


        Not sure if there is an easy way to downgrade Chrome 77 back to 76 to try that approach to debug.