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4 years ago

How to send test results to Jira in one patch (not each test case separetely)?

I am using TestComplete integration with Zephyr for Jira ( to send test results, but results are sent after ...
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    4 years ago

    have you checked out the ATOM beta for agent based "executions" of your testcomplete tests?

    the gist is that you can configure a Zephyr for JIRA agent (called zbot) on the machine that will be carrying out your test executions (either via testcomplete or test execute), and instead of reporting to zephyr for jira on a per testcase basis, you could just generate a junit xml format results file to a specified directory on your machine (you could do this by including a short script as its own test item at the project level using the log.saveresultsas method, or you could use commandline arguments when you execute using /ExportSummary) 

    After that you could point your zbot (for Zephyr for JIRA) to that specified results path so that it can find, parse, and push the results of your test runs in one "batch".