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3 years ago

How to retrieve data from webpage and store into a variable in Keyword test

I am working on a POC and Need to grab values from a webpage and store them in a variable to then be used in the subsequent test. I can know how to pass variable values into tests, just need to be ab...
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    3 years ago


    If you are using keyword tests you can use the set variable value operation> Use Object Property mode > Grab the onscreen object that has the variable value> , and select the object property that has the desired variable value result. 

    In script you just set the variable value to the object property you want. For example contentText property in python:
    def SetVariableValue():

    ProjectVariable = Alias.PageObject.Object.ContentText

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    3 years ago

    Thanks, Matt!


    miteshqtg, hi! Does this answer your question?