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15 years ago

How to identify single object with different names

Hi, i have two questions.

1) I am testing a browser based application, objects are stored into Tables>Cell>Tables>Cells, how can i simply check if the object is available on a specified page, i want to search them in whole page not into a specific area.

2) Checkbox is an object, lets say i have created 10 records, this check box will be repeated 10 times, if i use object spy it shows me 10 different names for each checkbox .Now i want to select a specific row and want to check/uncheck its checkbox, how can i do it?

For reference i am attaching an image, in this image Objects are same but repeated into two different row's, i just want to check all checkboxes, change a value for a textbox or a dropdown list.

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  • Hi,

    1. You can use the Find method (see the "Find Method" help topic).

    2. Once you find the needed table row, iterate through its cells and find the one which contains a check box (see the "Parsing HTML Tables" help topic).