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3 months ago

How to handle edge browser popup

we get this Alert when Edge browser is launched, not sure if there a way in Test complete to handle this. 

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    Assuming that this window is not identified with the Object Spy (is it?) and that test will be executed on the dedicated box, I would look for Edge setting that disables history and a prompt to restore previous session.


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    Testcomplete does not like these pop-up either disable them (if possible),

    Or find a better way to close the browser so the pop-up doesn't show.


    Maybe you could close all tabs after testing is done before closing the browser.

  • HI Praveen,

                        we can two ways to handle the popup.

    1.Capture Screen Coordinates

    let coordinates = aqUtils.ScreenToClient(aqDesktop, x, y);

    2.Simulate Click at Coordinates

    let x = coordinates.x; let y = coordinates.y; aqObject.MouseClick(x, y, MouseButton.LeftButton);