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2 years ago

How to configure TestComplete or TestExecute to only report Errors and change the log output folder

How can I configure TestExecution (or TestComplete) to only report Errors, (maybe also with screenshots) so that the logfiles at end get smaller as they contain only error relevant data.
Especially for Regression Tests I am not interested that pressing button x worked, but i would be interested if pressing button y does not work.
In the options I only found to disable the log files but no option to select what content the logfile should have. (but maybe I did not found that option).

And is there a possibility to change the default path where the logs are stored (without changing an environment variable)?

Thanks for support

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    See TestComplete Command Line, which has information on exporting results.


    You can, filter the results using the buttons shown

    Options to change log path in Project Settings (similar option in TestExecute)

    The other option is to export the log file, read and extract the contents of errors only.

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      Regarding Log file - thanks for teh hint wher to change the path
      Regarding the information the logfiles should contain:
      To my oppinion the filter method you mentioned filters only the displayed results in Testcomplete, but the generated log files (in the log folder) are the same.
      i would like to have logfiles containing only the problems (the errors) - and a general information that 3 of 3 test run 2 where ok and 1 failed - and then detailed information what failed, but I do not need information about each sucessfuly passed test step and I do only need pictures and detailed information in case the test fails.