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14 years ago

How to configure Project Variables on TestExecute


     My project suite was developed on PC1. I copied whole project suite file folder from PC1 to PC2 and ran one of the projects on PC2. However, I got Jscript runtime error, which said, 


“[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified. ..."

     My question is how to configure Project Variables and Project Suite variables when run tests with TestExecute? A screen shot is attached.

     Thanks a lot!

Nancy Wang

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    Hi Allen,

    Is it possible to provide TestExecute with the GUI interface accessible from its menu that makes it possible to set the values for the suite and project local variables to ease the life for the testers who are running tests in the network mode and need to adjust them for the given machine configuration?

  • Hi, 

        Alex's suggestion is really a good idea!

        We have a small QA group, which is responsible for writing/modifying automated testing scripts. We also have a large group for manual testing and executing automated testing. So the scripts will be run on the machine, which is usually different from the machine that the script is created. Even though both machines connect to the database server and network drive without any error, the test was still failed. The error message is either ‘Data source name not found and no default driver specified’ or ‘Unable to open the file’ on the network drive. It is hard to say if my settings are not correct or TestExecute is not functioning properly… There is nothing that I can see or modify on TestExecute...

        Is there many TestExecute users? Usually how do they run tests on TestExecute? Can anyone have some experience to share:-)?

        Thank you very much!


  • Hi Nancy,

    Thank you for your suggestions. Currently, you can post values of problematic variables to the test log from your script to check what the values are.