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3 years ago

how to automate chromium embedded and CEF elements (v99 and above) using TestComplete 15.41



I am automating desktop+web based application which is having chromium embedded forms.

The forms are developed using chromium embedded and with CEF v99.

Latest TestComplete 15.41 + web based license is having support till CEF v88 only. The workaround given is also useful till CEF v92 only.

[Workaround : open application using TestedApp by providing command line parameter as '-cdpAutoSetPort']


Now problem is I cant wait for TestComplete support as I already raised a ticket 3 months back, but there is no concrete solution provided by support team.

So I want a workaround of how to support these CEF objects / chromium embedded objects ?

Can anyone provide solution for same by using any other tool / plugin which i can integrate with TestComplete ?

and steps that how to do that?


Why i want workaround with other tool - In case i automate the current workflows with compatible TestComplete License, and in future again there will be no support from TestComplete to higher version CEF objects then ... 🙂


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    A CEF application can use windowed or windowless (off-screen) rendering. TestComplete supports CEF applications that use windowed rendering. Windowless (off-screen) rendering mode is supported only for WPF components of the CefSharp framework. Other applications that use windowless rendering are not supported. If your application uses windowless rendering, you need to disable it for testing purposes.

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  • Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for reply.

    The application I am working is uses windowed rendering.

    Its a kind of electron forms.


    When i tried the workaround [command line parameter as '-cdpAutoSetPort'] present on smartbear site, it works for my application when it contains the CEF v92.

    But in application's newer patch/build version, the CEF version updated as 99 and hence the workaround is also not working for that. And hence i am looking for some concrete solution where i can automate those forms.


    Also as a tester, i am not allowed to change any settings for applications on any servers as we want to automate the scenarios on a build which will be delivering to customer as is.


    as I am stuck on this so I couldnt start automating those pages. It stuck at POC level only. And hence the question arises what if automation is done in future and if similar problem will appear again then there is no use of automating the forms using TestComplete