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3 years ago

How to add multiple test items to a project in Test complete via file upload or using API

I have around 1600 test items to be added in a Test complete project. I am currently adding the test items manually and it is taking a longer time.  It would be helpful if there is a way to upload t...
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    3 years ago



    No API to create Test Items in the test project exists as per my knowledge.

    You may investigate the structure of the project .mds file and manually modify it to add Test Items to it. But as the structure of the .mds file is not documented and is subject to change such investigation and results of manual .mds file modification are solely on your own risk.


    The data is in a Excel workbook

    What is the primary source of these data? Is it Excel or TestComplete?

    If it is Excel, then, actually, in TestComplete you have one data-driven test (DDT).

    You may consider to use the aqTestCase object provided by TestComplete if you like to separate tests executed within the DDT loop.