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2 years ago

How Identify a file name with time stamp in Test complete using Python Scripts

Hi ,
I have a scenario to validate whether the downloaded file exists in a folder ,I have used the below script to validate whether the file name exist or not.

However the downloaded file has a name reference with date and time as a result the below script is failing to identify the file name since the date and timestamp changes whenever the respective file is downloaded.


Can someone help me on this as i am new to Test complete and Python.



def FileExist():
if aqFileSystem.Exists(filepath):
Log.Message("Order extract export file downloaded successfully! ")
elif not aqFileSystem.Exists(filepath):
Log.Message("Order extract export file does not exists")



Thanks in advance!..

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    What I would do is have a string variable with the front part of the file path in it

    mypath1 = "C:\\Users\\dkaliyugavarathan\\Downloads\\Order_Extract_Export_"


    and then have a second string variable with the date part of the file path in it  (you will have to build this)

    mypath2 = "2022-03-10_20-42-32"


    so finally you can have the actual file path

    filepath = mypath1 + mypath2


    You can build what you need for the date part using these

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    Another possible option might be to delete all Order_Extract_Export_*.csv files from the download folder just before downloading, download and then search for all Order_Extract_Export_*.csv files. If only one file is found than with a high probability this is the file you are looking for. If more files are found you may additionally sort them by date/time and use the most recent one.


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    Thanks Marsha and Alex!


    Hi Dk_3108 , please mark the best reply as a solution!