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3 years ago

How do I use wild cards or remove Page numbers in my test.

So while working through creating my tests I have always found that Test Complete assigns page numbers to some of my buttons that I am working through. Keyword and Script, (page327703.btnOK.ClickButton() most of the time its not an issue but sometimes I end up with page327702.btnOK.ClickButton() which causes a failed test, I work within Python and have tried to use some wildcards to remove the need to worry about the page number as my developers are not sure where the page number in coming from, (Believe Test Complete) I also see in my name mapping that I have 32770, 327702 and 327703 and every button that I need in listed in both and I have them set to extended find. I would like to remove the dependency of the page number and just have the program work with the buttons on the screen being that its all we care about is that the button in the program functions. 


Thank you.