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4 years ago

What is page327704 number and how do I make it a wild card.

I'm going through a test a created a few months ago and it ran through and passed the first time I ran it through, on the second run it failed so using the target icon or ctrl-shift-A the page will change from 327704 to 327702, and then on the next run change back. I have seen this before with other tests that I have created but it had never changed from the original test build. This is a custom program my company has created and we do not have these numbers in our code. When I touch a button that I want to test it is just visible and I really don't care what page its on I just want it to work. 


Thank you. 

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      Thank you, I found my way through you recommendation and also found the Name mapping tab and was able to select it as a required and which ignores the page and just requires the button.