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5 years ago

How can i stop test complete from pausing during playback

i know the simple answer to this question is to go into the project properties (current and/or default) and set the "error handling", "on error" and "on warning" drop downs to the "Continue running" ...
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    5 years ago

    I think i have found the solution to this in a different post that relates to the same issue. The post is entitled "TC always paused on error". In it, Stephen suggests "Can you check under Tools >> Options >> Engines. It may be that the 'Pause test execution on posting an error option' is ticked."  On my workstation it wasn't ticked but on the workstation that was giving me the problem, it was ticked. I'm running a test on that machine now to see if it does or does not stop on an error but I'm pretty confident this will be the resolution. 


    Shouldn't there be some sort of reference on the playback screen (where all those 'continue running' on errors and warnings are located) to check this option? would have saved me several days of research if there was.


    Thanks Stephen. How would I accept his solution on the other post as the solution to this post?