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2 years ago

How can I set the value of a selector at runtime?



I have a scenario that needs to iterate select a value from a dropdown every time it runs. Typically, I use the FindElement action in combination with an xpath expression to click on the required value. My problem is that element that identifies the dropdown changes depending on action on previous steps. 


Is it possible to nest FindElement actions?

Is it possible to set NameMapping objects properties from a test run?



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    If you have a look at step 26 on this blog post...



    It shows you how to use a Project Variable in the name map. So you can set the value of the Project variable at run time, then use that variable in the namemap / selector when you need it. The key bit is making sure you 'refresh' the namemap if you update the variable. All detailed in the post and in the video.

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    You could save the needed value in a variable and then use the variable in the Find Element when you need it in the later steps.


    Give us an example of what you are trying to accomplish by editing the name mapping on the fly.