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5 years ago



I am automating desktop VB application. I get 'Runtime-398 error' while navigating from one screen to another screen in the application.
Need help in this regard.

  • Hi Sri1,


    The best way here is to submit a case to our support team - they will investigate it and provide you with the solution. Please collect some additional information on your computer and send it to the team.

    Follow the steps below to help us investigate the issue:

    1. Run the Report Generator tool located in <TestComplete>\Bin\ReportGenerator.exe.
    2. Select the "Launch/attach to TestComplete" option.
    3. Run another instance of the Report Generator tool.
    4. Select the "Track application launch" option, specify your application executable name and click Next. The Report Generator tool will wait until the application is launched and then will track all events in it.
    5. Reproduce the problem.
    6. Click the "Generate..." button in all instances of the Report Generator tool and save reports to a local folder.

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    Is this error occurring in TestComplete or in your application under test?

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    tell us more about the app then.
    As tc make hook and deep memory inspection, perhaps a security system is the cause ?
    if you google about this error, apparently its linked to VB and initialize page event
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    Hi Sri1


    Can you record this bug and send it to SmartBear support group?


    We had a bug like this once, but we didn't manage to repeat it and I remember that it blocked us from executing the tests at an important moment.


    I wouldn't want it to happen again or maybe I can fix it from SmartBear's side and as you can repeat it in the app it will be very valuable for everyone.


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      Thanks everyone for helping!


      Sri1 This might indeed require investigation on the Customer Care side. Please raise a ticket here.

      Let us know the results of the investigation when you get them, too:smileyhappy:

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        Hi Sri1 any updates on this?


        I wasn't able to locate you support ticket. Please let us know if you require any further help. Thank you!

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    I get this Runtime-398 error in the application itself when I run it from test complete whereas the application works perfectly fine when I do it manually.