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6 years ago

how call I call the argument function

Hi Everyone,


  I am trying to call the function between Testcomplete and Jenkins. When I enter the username in the Jenkins, I would like the variable to call the function in the testcomplete.Here is the Screenshoot that I made for the testcomplete.

I would like to how could I move the arg11 to the fifth when it called the funcation username and password login.


Thanks so much

  • The command line execution of TestComplete/TestExecute does not support custom parameters out of the box.  The only parameters it natively supports are documented at


    In order to have TestComplete read custom parameters, you will need to add script code to you TestComplete project to execute upon running the project.  You apparently already have found a way to read those parameters.  So, now you need to pass that information into your scripts as well.  If you want the userID to be passed in, you should just pass in a string instead of the ${} formatted code you have now.

  • Ah ok, that makes more sense.


    It looks like you're approaching with something like this:


    function CommandLineArgs()
      var i;
      var nArgs = BuiltIn.ParamCount();
      Log.Message("Total number of command-line arguments: " + nArgs);
      Log.Message("The fully-qualified name of the TestComplete executable: " + BuiltIn.ParamStr(0));
      for (i = 1; i <= nArgs ; i++)
        Log.Message("Arg " + i + ": " + BuiltIn.ParamStr(i));


    For that way you woul need to do more than just log the parameter, but you need to actually assign the value to a project variable or something similar. Could you provide your code for how you are grabbing the variables?


    Alternatively because I don't really like this method myself (there is a lot of extra info and the arguments are more subject to change), so what we do is create a text file with a json string in it to configure environments.


    In jenkins you can echo the string to your workspace root with a windows batch command:


    echo { "param1" : "%<jenkinsParam1%>, "param2" : "%<jenkinsParam2%> "} > envConfig.json

    Then use an on start test event handler to read that info in and parse it to and object. 


    JSON.parse(aqFile.ReadWholeTextFile(filePath, aqFile.ctUTF8));


    Set that to a project variable and then you can call properties off of the object like you would anything else.


    Either way works, I find there are is a lot more room for configuration with the config file approach though and is much easier to maintain / extend as well as test locally without having to execute via command line. 

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      Thanks for your comments, and I have already install the plugin. It seems like it doesn't work at all. I try to call the function. I put the variable in the Jenkins as command line. When i do the test, I am trying to call the function like parameters.

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        I'm not sure I'm following what the issue is? You were asking about about changing the order of the command line arguments. It looks like you're reading in the arguments ok. So what is it exactly that isn't working?