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17 days ago

Help with keyword mode


I recorded a test in keyword mode.

UltraTree1 ClickItemXY "CLOSING PAPERS (1)", 122, 5, skNoShift Clicks the 'CLOSING PAPERS (1)' item of the 'UltraTree1' tree.

The number for value CLOSING PAPERS (1) changes every time.

How to make it identified? TIA

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    You can try using a wildcard ClickItemXY("CLOSING PAPERS*").  
    If you know it's going to be at the same place in the list (e.g. the second item) you can use an index instead of the name.  For the second item in the list that would probably be ClickItem(1).  Lists are usually zero based, so the first item is 0, the second 1, and so forth.
    The above assumes you are able to use ClickItem rather than ClickItemXY.