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3 years ago

Headless test not working

We are looking into running our scripts with headless web browser. I followed the instructions on the smartbear website.


My first simple test is to open a page and fill in some fields and click a button, see the code below (actual url and login details are replaced in the code below):


The test code works well when we use Browsers.Item but it does not quite work with Browsers.RemoteItem for us. Once the URL is opened it fails to recognize the page elements.:


I am not sure that it is supposed to say "local browser" or something else in the log. Interestingly the code above, which I assume is for headless browsers only, works if I happen to have chrome open and the url I'm testing is opened. This is as if the test still runs in a non-headless mode. 


The chrome version is:Version 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (32-bit)

The webdriver under C:\ProgramData\SmartBear\WebDrivers\chrome seems to be the latest stable version:

Ultimately we plan to run our scripts/keyword tests using TestExecute. 

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.



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  • Even , we have similar issue. I was able to launch the application and then not able to identify any objects in the webpage. 

    Then we did some level of Root cause and then noticed that not all the .js scripts embedded on web Page UI got executed/loaded when we trigger through headless mode.

    Now working with App dev team to sort this.