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2 months ago

Gherkin Integration in TestComplete

Are there anyone who has recommendations recarding practices or tools for implementing Gherkin syntax within TestComplete?

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  • you might be looking for a more 'official' way to integrate Gherkin into your tests but I like organizing my tests using comments and the TestComplete group object. 

    I could give a 30 minute talk (at least) on how we use groups and comments and log messaging to organize our tests. It works out great for us. And unlike using Gherkin in Selenium, everything is in one file. You don't have the Gherkin in one file and the code (actions) in a separate file. Having everything multiple files makes you have to jump around here and there and it's easy to get lost if stuff is distributed over too many files ... it just makes it difficult to keep a mental picture of the file structure (start having to memorize the file structure or make a physical picture/drawing of the file structure). 

    The important thing with using comments and groups is to make up a set of rules on how to use these features that your entire testing team agrees on and follows. 

    Additionally, implementing Gherkin this way means it's one less layer of code (libraries) which would have the potential of introducing bugs into your test suite.