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6 years ago

TestComplete - Continuous Integration - Logs Formatting

I have been working on a project to do some automated testing for a website for a company I am interning with. The end goal is to implement some kind of continuous integration system. I have started converting the project to run in this way via the commanding tools and it is going pretty well so far. I cannot seem to get the logs correct though. I have tried to ways I will explain below.

One test script inside Test Complete to run all the other scripts. This makes the log file all be under one element. I have found a way to split them up and color them which is better but it still looks kind of "flat".
The other way I have implemented the test was running the test complete command multiple times with a python script. This products complete separate log file every time. Test Complete also opens and closes for each test.
My latest solution I can think of is to write another script that parses through the log files to see if I can build it how I would like. I don’t feel like this would be too hard because it just looks file JSON and HTML but I feel like there should be a better way.


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    6 years ago

    I actually found a different solution and was waiting to post it till I was 100% sure it would work. If you create a test item call it ‘TestContainer’ for example and add all your tests a sub items rather than putting them into a test group you can run it from command line.

    Red is the way you cannot run from commandline and green you can.

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