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10 months ago

Getting Texts from cmd console is not working in windows 11

I was using the wText property to get all the string present in command prompt but it was working on windows 10 and so in windows 11 i had to change the name mapping but in that wText property is not supporting so what is the alternative for this 

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    Hello , ashutosh01 I read your Question so i want to tell you that, 

    If you are using a test automation tool or script to interact with the command prompt on Windows 11, and the "wText" property is no longer supported, you can explore other alternatives to capture the output or text from the command prompt. Here are some possible solutions:


    Standard Result: Rather than utilizing "wText" property, you can take a stab at catching the standard result of the order brief cycle. Most programming dialects and test mechanization instruments give ways of executing shell orders and catch their result. For instance, in Python, you can utilize the subprocess module to run an order and catch its result.


    Divert Result to Record: You can run the order brief order and divert its result to a document. In the wake of executing the order, read the document's substance to get to the result. This approach can be helpful for catching enormous or multi-line yields.


    Check for Logs: In the event that the order brief application creates logs or result records, you can get to and parse these documents to separate the data you really want.


    Catch Screen captures: if all else fails, you can catch screen captures of the order brief window and utilize optical person acknowledgment (OCR) procedures to extricate text from the pictures. In any case, this approach may not be just about as solid as different strategies.


    Update the Robotization Device: On the off chance that the mechanization apparatus you are utilizing doesn't uphold the new Windows 11 changes, consider checking for updates or elective instruments that are viable with Windows 11.


    Make sure to think about security and consent settings while robotizing cooperations with the order instant or some other framework processes. Continuously guarantee that your computerization follows best practices and doesn't think twice about respectability or security.


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