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6 years ago

getting Runtime error '398' client site not available

Hi Community,   I am working on desktop VB application. Initially I've built scripts on testcomplete 12.60 using Javascript. Now, client asked us to migrate the scripts to testcomplete 14. So, wh...
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    6 years ago

    Name has always been a separate property.  NativeVBObject is an object itself which probably has it's own "Name" property.  So, this shouldn't be a problem.  Are you getting errors in identifying the objects or is that still working?  you can still map the object using NativeVBObject... it's still there on the screen, you just need to select it and select the NAme property of that object.


    As for the error... that's not a TestComplete error, that's an error coming from your application under test.  You need to investigate that with your team.


    As as ide note, the regular "Name" property should not be used as an identifying propery... it bypasses NameMapping entirely.