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12 years ago

Getting problem as "Unspecified" Error at while loop

Problem : Getting problem as Unspecified Error at while loop (at different while loop) in our script.

Description : refExcel is our excel file object.

Following is an example:

var refExcel = DDT["ExcelDriver"]("Sheetname");

while (!refExcel ["EOF"]()) { }

1. Problem dosen't occure all the time and at the same while loop.

2. We are using the following code for closing the driver :



Kindly provide with your best solution for this problem.

Thank you,

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    Please provide with your solution. We need to resolve this problem ASAP.
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    Hi Aamer,


    Are you using TestComplete 9.20? Please make sure that the latest product version is installed on your computer. 

    If the problem persists, please follow the steps below to help us investigate it:

    1. Run the Report Generator tool:

    <TestComplete 9>\Bin\ReportGenerator.exe

    2. Select the 'Launch/attach to TestComplete' option, and the tool will attach to TestComplete's process.

    3. Reproduce the problem.

    4. Click the 'Generate...' button in the Report Generator tool and save the report to a local folder.

    5. Send the report to our Support team.