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9 years ago

Get cursor coordinates over tested object?

Does anyone have a way a to get the cursor coordinates over a tested object during test execution?


I am working an unsupported control and I have a method to place the cursor over a particular region of this control. If I use TestComplete to send a double click, it will click at 0,0 of that object instead of where the cursor is currently residing. If I had a way to get the current coordinates of the mouse cursor I could send that to the double-click action.


Alternatively, if there was a way to send a double click command to the current cursor location, that would work too.


Any ideas?

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    9 years ago

    Thanks for the assistance everyone, I was able to get what I needed. Here's the script I wrote to get the current X & Y coordinates and double click the object at that point.


    var screenMouseX, screenMouseY, controlPoint, onscreenObj;
    function double_click()
    //Gets current mouse cursor coordinates on screen
    screenMouseX = Sys.Desktop.MouseX;
    screenMouseY = Sys.Desktop.MouseY;
    Log.Message("X: " + screenMouseX + " Y: " + screenMouseY);
    //gets the object below the mouse cursor
    onscreenObj = Sys.ObjectFromPoint(screenMouseX,screenMouseY); 
    //converts the screen coordinates to coordinates relative to the object
    controlPoint = onscreenObj.ScreenToWindow(screenMouseX,screenMouseY);
    Log.Message("objX: " + controlPoint.X + " objY: " + controlPoint.Y);
    //double clicks the object from the converted coordinates

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    //current coordinates in relation to screen/desktop
    var mouseX = Sys.Desktop.MouseX;
    var mouseY = Sys.Desktop.MouseY;
    //click within object 15 pixels in and 10 pixels down

    Additional information here


    And here 

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    In addition to Ryan's answer, you can convert screen coordinates to object-relative coordinates using:


    point = obj.ScreenToWindow(ScreenX, ScreenY) 
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      By "cursor" .... do you mean the mouse pointer? In which case everything above should be all you need.


      Or do you mean a text cursor? In which case, need to look for something else .....

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        By cursor I was referring to the mouse pointer, yes.