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8 years ago

General discussion: integration of all documentation, resources, help files, papers, etc.



Currently, we have at least 8 different resources,  available for getting help, finding out how TestCompletes works, How to do things etc:


1. Online help -
2. Forums (Community) -
3. Technical Articles -
4. How to's -
5. White Papers -
6. Feature Requests -
7. Create a new support ticket page -
8. Licensing Troubleshooter -


Not all these resources are currently searchable. For example: I spent 2 days looking in the online help how to fix an issue, while it was already documented in a "How-To".


Since these "How-To's"are not included in searches looking for help you may miss info.


What I would love to see is one central place in which all TestComplete documentation is available and "Google like" searchable, including being able to sort on date, so that most recent info is placed on top.


I wonder what other testers, QA engineers, TestComplete users, think of this suggestion.


I wonder what others think of current

  • Google search on testcomplete generally works for me



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    Hello Mathijs,


    Thanks for bringing up this question.

    We have a lot of documentation about TestComplete indeed. However, it's strange that you didn't find the How To article because all of those resources are included to our search engine. What keywords were you using to search and what How To article did you find later?

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      Hi Tanya,


      I used the Online Help (this link) and typed "Sending email" in the search box.


      I was hoping to find this article, but it didn't show up in the results.


      Also I was hoping to sort on date, so that recent info could show up at the top of the list.



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        Google search on testcomplete generally works for me