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15 years ago

GCG control menu recording

Hi, I just download the trial version.

The program use the BCG control based menus.

After recording..   and playing..

  it can recognize the top menu for exampe [file], [Edit].

 But it can not recognize their sub menus.


     [Edit]->[Search]->[Find in Project]

The Run alwasys displays  waiting.....

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  • Hi,

    Let me see the code that TestComplete generates for clicking the menu items. Most probably, the problem is that the index of the pop-up menu changes from 1 to 2 when the submenu is opened, and TC fails to get the correct object.

    BTW, Submenus are opened automatically when the mouse pointer is hovered over a menu item containing a submenu. TestComplete does not record mouse movements. So, you need to click the menu item containing the submenu during the recording.