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3 years ago

FireFox not working on a simple Search

This script works everywhere except in the FireFox Browser..........


Version: 14.90.432.7 x64 -Purposely on this version for now


def FindTPA():
# display log messages in bold green letters
attr = Log.CreateNewAttributes()
attr.FontColor = clGreen
attr.Bold = True

if Sys.WaitBrowser().Exists:
browser = Aliases.browser
# else:
# Log.Message("No browser is open")
# newEmplr().quit() #exit()

#page = browser.pageMyclaretyPage
page = browser.Page("*")

PropArray = ["ObjectType","ObjectLabel"]
ValuesArray = ["Link","View/Manage Healthcare Deductions"];
page.FindChild(PropArray, ValuesArray, 10).click()
myTPA = page.FindChild(PropArray, ValuesArray,10)
if (myTPA.exists):
Log.Message("Ready To Begin")

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    You might want to keep your license info private.   


    What version of Firefox are you using? 

    Which part of the script is failing?

    Do you get an error message?

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      Thanks for the reminder. This is an opening script to a longer program.  It is the code I have posted. Very simple search for a link.

      I understand FF puts out a new version constantly. 


      FireFox 92.0.1 #page = browser.pageMyclaretyPage
      page = browser.Page("*")