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6 years ago

finding object in human-written html files

Dear all,


I have a very simple html (see the attached code) and I don't know how to make TestComplete see the radio buttons. I've tried looking with DisplayObjectSpy, but I can't see anything useful to point me to the radio buttons.


In principle, I would need to check which of these two radio buttons is checked.


I'm using TC12.42.3048.7 on x64 and for web testing I'm using Tree model.


What I get in ObjectBrowser:


The code:


<!DOCTYPE html>

<form action="testResultAcquire.html">
    <legend>Test result:</legend>
      <input type="radio" name="testResult" value="passed"> Test passed<br>
      <input type="radio" name="testResult" value="failed"> Test failed<br>

Thank you!

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    Try recording a test where you click the buttons and see what TC uses to reference them.

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      Hi Marsha!


      I've tried your approach, but unfortunately I didn't get anything usefull (I've done some clicks on the radio buttons):


      function Test1()
        var chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND;
        chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND = Aliases.browser.BrowserWindow.Chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND;
        chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND.HScroll.Pos = 0;
        chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND.VScroll.Pos = 0;
        chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND.Click(88, 45);
        chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND.Click(37, 42);
        chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND.Click(36, 66);

      Thank you!