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12 years ago

Finding Dynamically Generated Textboxes

I've been using  the FInd method to find dynamically generated textboxes in the application I am testing.  These textboxes are typically located 20 to 30 levels deep, most levels being dynamically constructed, it seems.  I am looking for a stable and quick method of reliably finding these textboxes.  Based on the properties I have chosen to use to find, sometimes the textbox is found, sometimes not, and sometimes the wrong textbox is selected. I have also put in delays to be sure the object is there when it is sought for.  But there is no guarantee that the script that worked yesterday will work today.  Frustration is building. What properties are reliably stable from run to run? What am I missing?

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Tom,


    First of all, you need to watch the Creating Reliable Tests For Dynamic Objects with Name Mapping video. Actually, the Find method is good for this task - the only one point here is that you have to find reliable properties of the needed object whose values aren't changed from run to run. Also, I suggest that you pay attention to Name Mapping's Extended Find feature.