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8 years ago

False errors from Table



I´m checking 4 values from a table, two of them are returned as false errors. The „date“ value ist returned as „Null Object“ and another value is just returning a wrong value.


I tried Tables.Check, Tables. CompareWithObject and aqObject.CheckProperty on each individual value.


Our application shows all values right. Object spy shows all values right.


Anyone encountered this strange behaviour before?


Thank You in advance



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    8 years ago

    Thanks to everyone,


    because of our deadline and some other reasons i just get rid of the breadcrumb.






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    How you are comparing the values?

    What kind of script language are using?

    Can share us some errors message which you are getting?

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      Depending upon the table component itself, what may be visible on screen may not be what is stored within the component.  Some objects render the data from a data source for display to the table.


      What sort of table component are you testing?  Can you give us a something from the Object Browser that will show the object?

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        Hi Tristaanogre,


        meanwhile found myself another "prime suspect". Our Application keeps Breadcrumbs. Although I defined the table as beeing part of the active window the returned values would fit to a table in the old Breadcrumb. I`m trying to work around this problem but with limited success at the moment.