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4 years ago

Facing Issue in Recorde and PlayBack.

Dear friends,


I have the below query from past 4months, I would appreciate your help if anyone cleared by Query.



I have TestComplete Version 12 and using Testcomplete for my Desktop Application.

I started Recording either by Keyword or Script and if I Run the script the script is failing , I need to make changes for each and every line and then script is working fine. Could anyone please help me on this why recording script is failing.


Also please help me in understanding the below:

Property CheckPoint

Region Checkpoint

Push Indicator Text.

Pop Indicator Text 

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    Don't get me wrong, please...

    My guess is that you are working as a test engineer. What are your expectations when you come to your developers and say them something like that: "Guys, I started to test your application but my tests fail. Could you help me with why my tests are failing" ?


    Same is here. No oracles are here. It really helps if you let at least to know what was recorded. What was the failure? What was in the Details pane of test log? What corrections you did to make test to pass? Did you use NameMapping during recording? How problematic objects were namemapped? Screenshots?


    As for checkpoints and Indicator object - TestComplete provides really fantastic documentation that is definitely worth careful reading for details. Read it and ask then what was not clear from the documentation.