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5 years ago

Export Message Logs to Excel?

I want to run a project made up of KTs. Some of these KTs will log a value to a Message Log. I would like to export ONLY the contents of the Message Logs in a format that Excel can use.


I've been trying to write all the Message Logs to one location using Append Log Folder, but I can't get this to work. Is this even the right aproach?


(Sorry if this seems like a basic question, but I've been scouring the online docs and contacting tech support for a couple days now and I'm not making much headway.)



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    What you're describing is as possible.

    Creating an Excel file with TestComplete is a piece of cake but the operations you write about will be easier for you if you leave the base operations of TestComplete and create the object with logs yourself.


    For example, when you use Log.Message() t create a new object in the code and save this message to a separate memory unit as well -> then after the test, format the data and display what you want! :)'


    If you need an example of data formatting, let me know (just give at least a sample of your data)

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      use csv, work well with excel and its as simple as a text file
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    and back to your question.

    "with the Append Log Folder, but I can't run it. Is this even a proper aproach?"

    I'm using it to organize the results of the SQL query. A single folder for a single query with all information about it... so I think this is a good solution, but not quite good for solving your problem.

    What programming language do you use in the script? Have you thought about using .json files before?

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      Thank you for advice BenoitB, Wamboo!


      Hi CliffYoung ! Please let us know if the suggestions helped.