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2 years ago

Execution Plan changes not reflected in Azure Dev Ops pipeline run.

Hi everyone,
I have a TestComplete 15 project which I use to test a bespoke Windows application, is bound to an Azure Dev Ops project and uses GIT as source control.
If I change the content of my execution plan, it is recognised by GIT as a modified project. 
Subsequent Commit and Push appear to work successfully.  The log doesn't mention the execution plan.  The git status on the project changes back to a tick.  At this time, in TestComplete, the execution plan remains how I redefined it.  (This changes below).    
When I run a pipeline quoting the project's pjs and test defined as "execution plan", it uses the previous definition of the execution plan, not my changed version.
When I restart TestComplete (having shut it down for the pipeline agent), the execution plan reverts to the previous version, losing my changes.

My question is:
Is there an accepted way of updating the execution plan in TestComplete so that it is recognised by Azure, and is not subject to this regression? 

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    Your changes to the Execution Plan would be saved to the Project.mds file, so I would recommend comparing your local file where you made the changes vs what is in the repo branch used by your pipeline. Maybe you are referencing the wrong branch somewhere?


    If, by chance, the change that you are checking in is just a "reordering" of the tests in your Execution Plan, those changes may be arbitrary if you are using tags [see here]. You can try enabling/disabling a test or two in your Execution Plan then commit/push changes to see if they are applied.