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4 years ago

Execution of Testcomplete project from build pipeline in Azure

Dear All,


Is it possible to execute the testcomplete project file(.mds) file to execute the test cases from the build pipeline in Azure instead of project suite file(.pjs)?


I have 2 projects under same project suite, one project to be run in one environment and other in another environment. In general i am able to configure the pipeline at project suite level(.pjs), but one project will pass but other project will fail in the same environment(as i am not hardcoding the environment details in script, instead using a config file, from azure i am writing this config file and  script reads config file during execution. Both the projects are using same script for reading the config file).I could not get any document on how to configure the pipeline with project file(.mds). 


Please help me in knowing how to setup the build pipeline with project file or if there are any other ideas for resolving this. (I am using testcomplete test adaptor for connecting with azure).


Thanks in advance.


Best Regards


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