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6 years ago

Every time while adding object , new object is getting created for same button

Hi ,


I am mapping object manually for one button. Performing click operation on that button. 

In playback only one time system able to identify that object. second time object does not exist error is getting displayed.

Again i tried to map manully it is creating new object not identifying already mapped object.

Previous mapping name: 


New mapping name: 



For both objects same identification properties are there.

object type: Link

Content Text: Pend

Tried for so many times. every time Link3, creating in name mapping.


Why it is mapping every time new object?Because of that my test cases are getting failed.

Checked There is no dynamic properties. In that page with Pend name only one button is present.


Could you please some one help on this.







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    Please provide the following two screenshots:


    1) A screenshot showing the hierarchy in the Mapped Objects of your NameMapping repository and the identifying properties of your button within that repository for, let's say, Link 1

    2) A screenshot (or multiples) showing the position of Link1 in the Object Browser in the application hierarchy including ALL "Advanced" properties of the object being mapped.


    Generally speaking... the reason for the problem you're running into is that the object is not being able to be found using the identifying factors you've given it and, therefore, gets a new mapping.  in order for us to help you figure this out, though, we need the aforementioned information.