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5 years ago

efficient way of changing system date


I musn't be the only one who need to change its system datetime while executing tests...

I tried two ways, this one :

net time /set /yes

and this one :

w32tm /resync

with the command line, but both don't work 100% of the time.


Does anyone has any workaround ?


Thank you


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    Stop the W32Time service before changing date/time because unless that the time will be resync automatically after short time.


    You can stop it using cmd in administrator mode with NET STOP W32Time /YES

    To change machine date/time use DATE and TIME in cmd

    If not working with NET STOP you can use SC object.

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        Hi all,


        Seems to be the cleanest way to resolve my problem ! Thank you !

        I'm on windows 10.

        I already have a clue for preventing the PC resetting the date. For this key :


        I set "Type" to "NoSync".

        Thus the domain controller leave my machine alone.