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2 years ago

Edge browser stopped recognizing pop ups

I have several tests that interact with browser pop up alerts. TestComplete used to recognize these objects and I could interact with them in my tests (assert text, click ok or cancel, etc.)

Now, my tests fail and I can't get the object spy to map/recognize them. 


Does anyone have any idea why this happened? 


I am on version x64 of TestComplete.

Edge version: 108.0.1462.46



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      Thanks for the response.  Any idea if they are working on a solution? 
      I am not sure what changed because I used to be able to interact with these pop up/alerts with no problem.. 

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    I'm not sure if there's a solution, but I do know that Kitt had posted something here, which you could try.


    I guess if you want to know what has changed, look at the history versions of Edge and Chrome, compare that with what TC supports.