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13 years ago

Does SmartBear offer a standalone object spy and browser separate from TC?

Hi All:

   I really need standalone tool to spy object and browse objects during build my application testing script.

   It is not convenience to use these tools integrated within TC.

   Any idea about this?



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    SmartBear folks can probably answer most knowledgeably but, according to their available products on their website, no such thing exits.

    Question, though:  How are you developing automation scripts for TestComplete to run where the object spy and object browser are inconvenient?  I'm not sure I understand your scenario as to how they are unhelpful for your task.  A little clarification as to the problems your having, any errors you're experiencing, etc., may help to be able to give you advice as to better ways of using the tool to achieve the desired results.

  • Hi Allan,

    We have a suggestion to implement this feature, and your request has increased its rating. Thank you.
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    I would also love to see a standalone object browser tool to help when executing scripts using TestExecute on a clean environment that does not have TestComplete installed.  Can you please increase the rating for this feature as well for me?