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11 years ago

Does anyone know anything of Callbacks / Delegates in Jscript?

I have an an external DLL that provides a method I need to use that takes 2 params - a string, and an object of class"x" (according to the code completion prompt in TC). In the documentation an...
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    11 years ago
    I don't know specifically about JScript, but VBScript for example is not strongly typed. A lot of .Net types simply do not exists in VBScript. So when I have to interface to a .NET library from VBScript, I often have to write a COM-visible wrapper library in .NET first, and call that wrapper library from my script.

    ' Some .NET class function that returns a List(Of String), which is incompatible with standard VBScript

    Public Function DoSomethingInDotNet() As List(Of String)

        ' ...

    End Function

    ' Intermediate wrapper class function that returns a type compatible with VBScript (in this case an ArrayList)

    Public Function WrapDotNetFunction() As ArrayList

        Return New ArrayList(DoSomethingInDotNet())

    End Function

    ' VBScript code where you call the wrapper, which then calls the actual .NET method.

    Sub Main()

        Set Result = CreateObject("System.Collections.ArrayList")

        Set Result = objWrapper.WrapDotNetFunction

    End Sub