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5 years ago

Distributed testing across different Windows versions

Hi, We are planning to upgrade our test clients to Windows 10, but due to HW limitations, we cannot upgrade everything at once. Is it possible to have a setup where the TestComplete Server is runni...
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    5 years ago

    Yes. This answers my question. And I have managed to make it work.


    We have floating licenses for TestExecute on the slave, and node locked licenses on the master.


    The setup did not work at first, and I could not find out why. Verifying the slave in the host node failed with "Incompatible server version". After debugging, we found out that the TestComplete 12 installation on the Windows 10 machines did not install the x64 version. When we ran the installer again, we did get x64-editions of TestComplete. Then we were able to connect to the slave without issues.