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14 years ago

Difference between TestComplete7 and TestComplete 8

Hello, everyone!

I'm a newbie in TestComplete products, but I've tried TestComplete7 and it's really good test tool. But as far as I know, the most modern and well-equipped version now is TestComplete8. That's great, but what are the major differences between TestComplete7 and TestComplete8?  It's not obvious for me as novice user. Of course I saw a list of available features in TestComplete8, but almost all of them also exist in TestComplete7 (or I'm wrong?)

Please, be so kind to show the list of features that are not included in TestComplete7 and can be found only in TestComplete8. I'll appreciate it.


TestComplete - is the best test tool I've ever seen! :-)

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    Hi Roman,

    Have you went through the help topic that mentions new features and enchantments to the existing ones that is available at ?

    Did it help?

    My opinion is that TestComplete is extremely feature-rich product and I think that a lot of users are interested in the changes in the areas they work with. I.e. if you test only .Net WPF applications, then you are interested in .Net and WPF changes and will just skim the information about changes in e.g. Delphi and Load testing.

    With the above in mind, I would recommend to go through the mentioned help topic, consider what changes are relevant for the testing you are doing and then ask more specific questions.
  • Alexei , thank you! Link, that You provided is really helpful! Now I see the difference and improvements in TestComplete8!