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4 years ago

Delphi - missing debug info



My delphi application is able to work with TestComplete in Keyword testing (Python), except in one single grid.

I get the error: the control cannot be recorded properly, because no symbols were found for it.

We followed:


And made sure the programmer compiled with the debug mode.
I ensured both plugins were active in the TestComplete setup.

I went into object mapping and the TStringGrid was active already. We tried putting a checkmark in Derived classes - to no avail.

Did I miss something? 

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    In addition to what was suggested by Marsha, you may have to ask your developers to include debug version of the control into the build in order control's debug information to become accessible to TestComplete.


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    Thank you, Community!


    Logiv please let us know how you solved the issue!

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      I am sorry, our programmers are caught in a different project right now and they have not gotten to this yet.

      I will make sure to update the board once we get to it.

      Thanks a lot for the help.