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2 years ago

Creating checkpoints for Gherkin keywords (When, Then) in the test log

Hi friends,


I have a requirement to turn When, Then, And of the Scenario into a (✓) type. For example, in the image attached, the Scenario TC1 should only pass if it's childs 'When' and 'Then' are passed. Currently, they appear with a message symbol, but I want to turn them into (✓) like the main/parent Scenario check.


The idea is to (✓) the When and Then if there's no error count and based on that the Scenario should get passed  (✓) or failed (x).


I don't know how to do this, but it will save us looking at each event of the scenario to verify the results.




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  • Hi There, 


    This should happen by default in the log no? 


    If you have an error the above logic will occur. 


    The overall scenario/test will have failed detailing what step (when/then) failed 


    Further more you can double click on the error or filter by error in the log and it will just show the errors. 


    You can add further validations using property checkpoints


    Let me know if I am missing something 





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      Thanks for your reply Vinnie. Yes, absolutely the Test Complete take cares of the Passed/Failed actions quite clearly, but my team who reviews the scenarios do not want to click and go inside the Scenario parent node to further review steps/events. They just want to see if Whens and Thens are passed with check/green arrow, as at times there were errors and the Scenario still showed green check. So, if I have a technique that counts all errors and checkpoints within 'When' and 'Then' and depending on the results, checks/crosses When and Then node green/red, then they wont need to go and look at each step and event.

      Something like in attachment.