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3 years ago

Creating a Deal with the same name but different users generate the same item

In my system I can create a test item inside a website and it will generate a line item which will go on a grid using my the title of the line item and then various preliminary information. Now I use the same name throughout the test.


Now I need to setup my test so that each individual who is working on their tests can run against their line item.

For instance say that I have created the first line item however, another tester who wants to do some work and is using the same name for the test.

is there away to have TestComplete identify each line item and allow other users to select their items without having to individually creating the tests case for each item.


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  • Hi Largent803 - 


    For this scenario I would suggest creating a Project level variable that each user will only have to change the name for the line item in a centralized location. Then within the test case wherever there is a reference to the line item - swap out the hard coded value for the Project Variable. 


    You can find information on Project Variables here:


    Let me know if you have further questions. 



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      Your suggestion is well taken. I have done that and added a function script that will call the variable and will allow the users to create their own title so that it can be used throughout all the tests.